John C. Fremont Elementary School is the hidden gem of Belmont Heights. It is one of the smallest (500 students) schools in the award winning Long Beach Unified School District. Our students test scores are consistently amongst the highest in the district. Our faculty and staff maintain a warm and positive environment. But it is not all about test scores!


Our students are receiving a well-rounded enriched education. Despite budget cuts, because of our incredible fundraising and volunteer effort, Fremont is still able to offer PE, Art, Music, Drama, after school enrichment, field trips, a hands on Science Lab and a Technology Lab.


These wonderful programs are made possible because of the partnership between the Long Beach Unified School District, the Fremont PTA, Faculty, Staff and the community. Approximately $120,000 a year is raised privately to help fund these programs. Check out the Programs that the PTA sponsors


The Fremont PTA is one of the most dynamic nonprofit organizations in the City of Long Beach.

We are very proud of our little school and all of the volunteers that contribute to make it great.


Please feel free to browse our site for valuable information about our programs and events. Click here for volunteer opportunities.

Mission Statement

A nonprofit organization of dedicated parents, teachers, and administrators working to promote children’s educational success and well-being through strong parent, family, and
community involvement.
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