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SOS Computer Lab Schedule
What students are learning, broken down by grade level:

  • Login procedures: how to login using their student ID & birthday by utilizing color coded login cards.

  • Getting comfortable with the mouse and keyboard.

  • ST Math: Learning how to enter their picture password using their login card.

  • DanceMat for home row keyboarding practice

First Grade:
  • Learning the basic functions of the browser (back button, bookmarks, navigating through the portal)

  • Learning MAC shortcuts (how to logout, cut & paste, undo)

  • Projects with KidPix

Second Grade:
  • Introduction to Microsoft Word

  • How to format documents by: inserting headers, changing font/font size, text alignment, adding images, and double space

  • Learning how to save documents

Third Grade:
  • Microsoft Word projects to fortify skills and familiarity of program

  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel

    • Learning how to create tables and enter data

    • Learning how to create various charts using the data from tables

Fourth Grade:
  • Learning how to gather data off the web using academic websites

  • Taking practice exams on to prepare for the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

Fifth Grade:
  • More or less the same as fourth grade, but with a more challenging curriculum

  • Creating PowerPoints for presentation purpose

Student helpers are trained to feed and care for the Science Lab animals.


Noah the Bearded Dragon and one of the stick bugs from our stick bug family are pictured here. Currently the science lab is home to a Ball Python snake, a Rose Tarantula and a Blue Tongue Skink from Australia. The science lab has been home to many different animals over the years– from guinea pigs to bunny rabbits, desert tortoises, geckos, hamsters, pet rats, pet mice, fish, water turtles and many more.


Our K-1 students learn what type of rocks and minerals are found on the crust of our Geosphere.


2nd grade students participate in a “Fossil Dig” to experience how paleontologists distinguish real bones and shells from fossilized ones.


With a little help from soap and water, Kindergarten and 1st grade students learn how air from the atmosphere is used to make bubbles.


4th and 5th graders recreate the rock cycle using sugar cubes.

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