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2024-25 PTA Board


PTA Executive Board

It's hard to believe, but the time has come to recruit new members of the PTA Executive Board for the upcoming school year. We have a lot of returning volunteers on the board but want to invite members of the Fremont community who haven't participated in the past. It's possible to work full-time and be a part of the PTA, as there are many ways to participate, especially for those who may work remotely. There are many ways to participate! Available positions include:


Attend and lead one board meeting per month (1 hour long on campus), attend and lead 5 general PTA meetings per year (2 hours long on campus), prepare agendas, manage programmatic calendar and budget, ensure key reports are created, foster inclusion and equity across the PTA's efforts at Fremont. Executive Vice President

This position is flexible and is aimed at helping the President be successful in their role. Duties can shift based on the individual's strengths.

VP - IDEA Committee

Lead 3x per year IDEA Committee meetings, manage communications with members of the community, recruit volunteers and plan three events throughout the year including Spring and Fall Socials and IDEA Day in March. Consult on other Fremont programs to ensure accessibility, inclusion and equity for all.

VP - Fundraising

Create a fundraising plan to meet annual goals for the Fremont PTA. This may include the recruitment of business partners, increasing visibility for passive fundraisers and more.

Recording Secretary

Attend one board meeting per month (1 hour long on campus), attend 5 general PTA meetings per year (2 hours long on campus) and take detailed notes. Distribute minutes to attendees via email after the meeting and archive them for various needs.

If there is anything else you're interested in contributing, please contact

Thank you in advance!


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