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Honor Someone Amazing

The 2020-2021 school year is different from any we've experienced before, but like any other school year there are Administrators, Staff, Teachers, PTA Leaders, Family Volunteers, and Folks within the Community who wake up daily and choose to be Helpers. They center kindness and make it a daily practice. They identify problems and proactively work to solve them. They share time and make space to improve our school community and advocate for every child at Fremont. This year our Helpers have gone above and beyond to improve the experience of distance learning while finding ways to facilitate the safe reopening of our campus.

Our Zoomies and Roomies have schooled heroically, humbling us with their ability to adapt, remain flexible, and persevere. In super dark times, our Helpers have been a beacon of light for our families and kids, and they deserve our appreciation and recognition. Better together, always!

Now thorough Friday, April 23 you can send a quick email to nominate a volunteer in any of the categories outlined here.

Email your nominations or questions to


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