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IDEA Day at Fremont!

What is IDEA Day at Fremont? 

IDEA Day is a school-wide event on Monday, March 11, 2024, celebrating the differences in kids and how those differences can build a strong community

Using the book Just Ask by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, students will explore the different abilities kids, and people of all ages, have and how we all contribute to our greater community. 

What does IDEA stand for? 

IDEA is an acronym for INCLUSION, DIVERSITY, EQUITY, and ACCESSIBILITY. The PTA has an IDEA Committee focused on these practices on campus and within our community!

On IDEA Day, students will:

  • Take a school-wide RAINBOW photo on the blacktop

  • Paint ROCKS with positive messages to be used in pavers to decorate the school grounds

  • Read JUST ASK and do extension activities in their classrooms

  • Receive IDEA Day STICKERS to take home

We need your support!  Here’s how you can help:


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