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VIPS volunteers are essential to the Fremont community (volunteers in public schools).


Don’t forget to get VIP’ed, the district’s application process that allows for on-campus volunteering during school hours.


How to Sign Up


Application Forms for 2023-24

English Application

Spanish Application


LBUSD Policy TB Test Policy

TB test verification must include the date given, the date read (within 48-72 hours), the results of the testing, the name of the medical facility and name of the person the TB Test was administered to.

In lieu of TB skin testing, you may also provide the TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire Certificate of Completion administered by a licensed health care provider. For new volunteers, TB clearance must be dated within 60 days of submission of the application; X-ray clearances must be dated within 6 months of the application. The TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire Certificate of Completion needs to be filled out by your doctor in lieu of a TB test.

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