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Grocery Giving

Do you shop at Ralphs or Food4Less, even occasionally?


Please take a minute to register your loyalty card, and a portion of your bill will automatically be donated to Fremont each time you shop.  It’s easy to do!  Just follow the instructions below:


We currently have 4 Fremont families who shop at Ralphs and 25 families who shop at Food4Less and who have signed up for the Kroger rebates program.  From June 1 to August 31 of this year we earned $416.44 from Food4Less and $54.28 from Ralphs, just for doing our regular grocery shopping! 

Let’s try to increase our participation in this program so that all the grocery shopping we’ll be doing for the upcoming holiday season can support our school!


John C. Fremont Elementary P.T.A. (organization # 81573) for the Community Contribution Program.   Don’t know your Ralphs card #? Just call 1(800) 660-9003

Do you shop at Ralph’s or Food4Less, even occasionally?


Link your Ralph’s customer number to benefit the Fremont PTA with every purchase: 


How to?

  1. Visit

  2. Scroll all the way down - at the very bottom click COMMUNITY and select Kroger Community Rewards

  3. Create a digital account, which is needed to participate in the Community Contribution Program. If you have an account, link your SHOPPER’S CARD to your account so that all transactions apply towards the organization of your choice. 

  4. Link your card to an organization 

  5. Sign into your digital account

  6. Search for JOHN C FREMONT PTA here

  7. Select the JOHN C FREMONT PTA and click SAVE

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