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Why join?

  1. Joining the Fremont PTA is a pledge of support for the school's programs and the overall community.

  2. Every child at Fremont benefits from the Fremont PTA. This includes STEAM, art, library, tech and other programs that help round out a child's education.

  3. Joining the PTA does not require that you volunteer. Becoming a member is enough to help support the organization and its many great impacts, but volunteers are always welcome!

  4. Every teacher at Fremont benefits from the Fremont PTA. Our program provides supplies, funding for field trips, volunteers on campus and more.

  5. Joining the PTA means more frequent opportunities for you and your child to learn about and participate in the school which extends classroom learning into social growth. 

What do we do?

The Fremont PTA raises funds for the following (and more!):

  • Ground Education program

  • STEAM Curriculum

  • Classroom supplies and teacher's aides

  • Library support and an augmented selection of books

  • Playground and PE equipment and MUCH MORE

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