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Teacher of the Year Contest 2020-21

Our teachers at Fremont work incredibly hard for our students. This year they have had to work harder than ever to keep our students educated and engaged. Please be sure to show one of them your appreciation by submitting an essay to the annual Teacher of the Year Contest. One of the essays will be selected and sent to the Long Beach Council PTA for the district contest and all essays will be shared with the teacher who inspired them.

The essay should be written by a parent or student (present or former) and answer the questions below. Download rubric here.

1. What qualities make the teacher outstanding? 2. How does the teacher provide a positive learning environment where all students can thrive? 3. What techniques does the teacher use to be able to reach all students? 4. How does the teacher make learning fun? 5. How does the teacher exemplify being a good role model? Formatting Requirements: -Typed or handwritten -Double-spaced with 1'' margins -2 single-sided pages maximum

Turn in your essay by emailing it to Kim Hiatt at by Friday, April 30. Please contact Kim if you have any questions about how to write or submit an essay. Thank you for your support of our wonderful Fremont Teachers!


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