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Honorary Service Awards

The Honorary Service Awards are our chance to publicly acknowledge both individuals and organizations for outstanding community service to Fremont Elementary School.

Very Special Person Award: 

This award is given to recognize an individual or organization for their service to the PTA.

Honorary Service Award: 

This award is given to recognize an individual or organization for outstanding service to children and youth in your community, going above and beyond what is asked of them.

Continuing Service Award: 

For recognizing an individual or organization for ongoing or long-time service to children and youth, providing support year after year.

Outstanding Teacher Award: 

This award is given to recognize a teacher for outstanding service to children and youth through PTA, school, or community.

Outstanding Administrator Award: 

This award may be given to recognize an administrator for outstanding service to children and youth through PTA, school, or the community.

Golden Oak Service Award: 

The most prestigious of the Honorary Service Awards, this award is given to recognize an individual or organization that has made significant contributions to the welfare of children and youth in a school or community.

Fremont Honorary Service Award Recipients:


Very Special Person Award: Hobey Echlin and Rebeca Haga
Honorary Service: Adrianna Manfredi, Gail Hookailo, Lori Monnier and Sharon Urbano
Continuing Service: Michelle McKenzie and Nancy Clanton
Golden Oak Service Award: Maria Lebel and Sarah Gomez-Kaveney
Outstanding Teacher: Andrea Gallo and Jennifer Morelli
Outstanding Administrator: Lisa Matheson


Very Special Person Award: Meka Crawford and Mike Buckley
Honorary Service Award: Jennifer Perez
Continuing Service Award: Joey Singman
Golden Oak Service Award: Jill Brubaker and Roberta Jeannette
Dedicated Partner in Service Award: Inspyr Arts 
Outstanding Teacher Award: Diane Nyquist
Outstanding Administrator Award: Liz Dilts


Honorary Service Award: Krista Richardson
Continuing Service Award: Lisa Dempsey
Very Special Person: Robin Jones, Stacy Deeble-Reynolds and Joe Farrier
Outstanding Administrator: Mark Curran
Outstanding Teacher Award: Danielle Chung
Dedicated Partner in Service Award: Mark A. Garlington D.D.S. Orthodontics for Children and Adults


Honorary Service Award: Amy McCleery and Kurt Schneiter
Continuing Service Award: Kim Foley and Susan Tanaka
Very Special Person: Berna Cliffe, Jay Marinkovich, Silvia Nakano, Anne Mette Smith and Tanya Williams
Golden Oak Award: Michelle Pryor and Kelly Sullivan
Outstanding Teacher Award: Kathy Phelps
Dedicated Partner in Service Award: Law Offices of Kuper-Wilson


Honorary Service Award: Nicole Littleworth, Cathy Triassi, Marci & David Aimerito, Brenda Sheridan and Lara & Jason Meintjes
Continuing Service Award: Jean Newkirk, Jackie McKay, Kathleen Turner and Jean Lawler
Very Special Person: Sophie Moscoso, Trevor Welch, Carol Mort and Maureen Neely
Golden Oak Award: Michelle Walker
Outstanding Teacher Award: Gail Schack and Nancy Clanton


Honorary Service Award: Stephanie Pullman and Shavaughn Thom
Continuing Service Award: Mrs. Hanley
Very Special Person: Elizabeth Ithurralde and Mark Dressner
Dedicated Partner in Service: Ore Originals, Inc.


Golden Oak: Michelle Anderson
Honorary Service Award: Reggie Akpata, Joselyn Semichy, Jennifer Scharnikow and Matt Hammond
Continuing Service Award: Mrs. Huber
Very Special Person: Kevin O’Leary, Kathleen Naruse, Shelley Edwards and Dorothy Rosnick
Dedicated Partner in Service: Jeannette Architects and Farmers & Merchants Bank


Honorary Service Award: Marky Morel, Chef Paul & Dana Buchanan and Delrosario Meat Company
Continuing Service Award: Alan Williams, Mrs. Driskill and Miss Edie
Very Special Person: Greg & Martha Haeseler and Rachel White
Dedicated Partner in Service: Domino’s and Kava Yoga


Golden Oak: Elizabeth Lambert
Honorary Service Award: Stephanie Cobb, Jennifer Williams, Marcia Lee and Laura Malloy
Very Special Person: Catherine Grace Wersbe


Golden Oak: Susan Tanaka
Honorary Service Award: Sharlene Tengler, Karen Victor, Wendy Winters and Laserfiche
Very Special Person: April Campos, Danielle Chung, Robert Crowley, Samantha Morrison and Michele Zimmerman


Golden Oak: Andrea Spilsbury Walker
Honorary Service Award: Raquel Landworth-Kleinhenz and Mrs. Schack
Very Special Person: Elizabeth Dilts


Golden Oak: C.J. Crockett, Diane Caffey and Karen Victor
Honorary Service Award: Sharlene Tengler and Fran Abdoo
Very Special Person: Mr. Lyman, George Kirkendolph, Ms. Karona and Stacy Sue

Teacher of the year Essay Contest Winners

2020: Durazzo
2019: Ramirez
2018: Pravednikov
2017: Aimerito
2016: Campos
2015: Edwards
2014: Pravednikov
2013: Schack
2012: Aimerito
2011: Clanton
2010: Driskill
2009: Clanton
2008: Ruggles
2007: Dameshek
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