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Doesn’t the school district pay for the labs?


In 2004 a series of deep budget cuts eliminated many of the programs that are vital to a well-rounded curriculum—even programs our children need to stay competitive with their peers and attractive to future employers. Formerly a Science magnet school, Fremont lost lab funding too, but we didn’t let budget cuts hurt our students: Fremont parents united and raised the money needed to preserve our labs. The future of Science & Technology at Fremont still depends on us.

Isn’t the district now paying the salary of the science lab teacher?


It is true that we were thrown a lifeboat in 2015 when the district approved Fremont’s request for an alternative use for literacy specialist funds. Our current science lab teacher, Mrs. Malloy, is splitting her time between teaching in the lab and working as our school literacy specialist. Although this money is available for the next 4 years, we must reapply annually to use it for a position other than a full-time literacy specialist. What this means for S.O.S. is that although our annual financial responsibility has become less, we must be prepared to reabsorb the responsibility of the science lab salary in 4 years or less. Funding from the district is not always a guarantee and cuts can often be made with very little notice. 

Isn’t the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) involved?


Fremont’s outstanding PTA shoulders the weight of many important Fremont programs, and works hard to raise funds for classroom supplies and support. Every dollar is carefully allocated to raise the level of education for each Fremont student. The PTA is pleased to contribute a percentage of the needed monies to S.O.S. when the budget allows, but the vast majority of lab funding comes from individual family contributions.

What if it’s a financial hardship for our family to contribute?


It’s a rare family that doesn’t have to make difficult choices about how to use their limited budget. We urge families to make education a priority and to teach children the value of learning. Making a contribution if you feel so inclined shows your children that you are willing to invest in their future. When we see school-wide participation in the SOS Fund Drive, we reach our goals faster and with less burden on individual families. We are so much better together!

When it’s tough to find the money, Fremont families have found creative ways to contribute, including:


• Monthly subscription. Set up a monthly PayPal deduction that makes giving more painless (starting at $10/month)!
• Neighbors. Go door-to-door with a parent to ask neighborhood families to contribute spare change. It’s surprisingly easy. Even neighbors without school-age kids know that neighborhood housing values reflect the quality of our school.
• Student-lead fundraising. Host a yard sale, car wash, art sale, bake sale, lemonade stand – the possibilities are endless! Donate the proceeds in one lump sum and you are done!
• Eat in. If you forego one pizza a month or one latte a week you can give $15/month!
• Relatives. Ask family members for contributions in lieu of gifts.

We ask every Fremont family to contribute what they can- for some that may be $20, for others it may be $500. If EVERY Fremont student donates $180 to the Fund Drive, we can make our goal! Your contribution in any amount truly matters.

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