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It's time for our October Membership Challenge!

This year's Membership Drive theme is Fremont PTA's Excellent Adventure! The 2020-21 school year will be unlike any other and we encourage everyone to live by Bill S. Preston, Esq.'s words, "Be excellent to other!" There are detailed instructions on how to sign up for a Fremont PTA single or family membership HERE. It's super fast and the easiest way to support our Fremont kids. Our goal this year is to reach 662 members and as of Saturday, Sept. 26th our membership is at 167 - THANK YOU! October is the start of our Fremont PTA Membership Challenge so there's plenty of time for each class to participate. Every teacher will receive an update once a week with percentages of class participation and total number of memberships. We will be logging all members and crediting each classroom for various incentives.


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