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Jewish Festival of Lights

To all of our Fremont families celebrating Hanukkah, chag sameach!

Family Fun in the Kitchen "A typical Chanukah menu sounds as though it were planned by the under-12 crowd: potato pancakes, fried, of course, in lots of oil; sweet cream-cheese rugelach; strawberry jam–filled doughnuts (sufganiyot) covered in powdered sugar; fried apple fritters; cheese-filled doughnuts fried in oil and dipped in honey; cheese blintzes; etc." From Recipes

Crafts for the Whole Family "Deepen your Hanukkah celebration this year by preparing for the Festival of Lights with a couple of holiday-themed crafting sessions. By including your family in the project-building, you’ll not only be making fun things but creating important memories as well." - from Get Crafty


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