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Mental Health: “Transition Time”

As the school year winds to a close, you may be inundated with tasks and activities marking the transition from school to summer. For children, these activities may elicit mixed emotions. Excitement about the start of the summer may also be met with feelings of sadness as students say goodbye to friends and teachers. It can be helpful to give children space to talk about these emotions at home and discuss how you cope with similar feelings. This summer, talk with your children about the experiences that bring you happiness, joy or a sense of calm. Help them identify experiences in which they feel most like themselves and confident. Then, model those experiences for your children. Spend time with the people that motivate you. Take time to engage in activities that allow you to authentically experience joy. Dwell in the experiences that allow you to fully experience the present moment. Get inspired and show your children how to live fully! Have great summer! Dr. Amy Morse, Licensed Psychologist Fremont mom and PTA EVP


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