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Open Positions for 2023-24

It takes a village to execute the number of fundraisers and programs undertaken by the Fremont PTA! Most positions can be filled by a group of friends or a couple to help lighten the load on each individual. These are the main opportunities for next year, but we have a lot of smaller positions that are available to people who have less time or special skills. We’re available anytime to discuss if you’re interested!

  • Jog-a-Thon Committee - find a group of 3-4 caregiver friends and help plan Fremont’s largest fundraiser. Beginning in August and running through the end of October, this is an exciting way to participate for those who have spare time and event planning experience. This is a concentrated position for a few months in the fall.

  • Home Reading Club - oversee our monthly reading club, keeping the book library stocked for participating kids. This position requires a few hours per month.

  • Spirit Wear Coordinator - help design and produce new spirit wear, fulfilling weekly orders and maintaining inventory. Organize volunteers to sell spirit wear at Fremont programs. This position requires a couple of hours per week.

  • Reflections - From September - November, spearhead a wonderful PTA-led arts program. This position requires a few hours a week during the fall season.

  • Gratitude and Giving Chair - Organize our November Season of Giving and our Teacher of the Year award in the spring. Ensure volunteers are recognized properly!

  • Director of Communications - Help keep the PTA website up to date, draft these monthly emails, maintain social media accounts and produce a monthly printed flyer. This position requires about 5 hours a week and can be handled completely remotely. Contact for more info on these opportunities and more.


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