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Reflections - Awards & Recognition

We've heard back from the Long Beach Council level PTA Reflections chair with some great news about some of our Falcon participants!

Olivia Williard, 4th grade, earned an Award of Recognition (3rd place) in Literature (Secondary)

Clea Smith-Thomas, 1st grade, was a participant for Visual Arts for her entry (Primary)

And finally, very happy to announce that Gigi Kinney was awarded the Award of Excellence (First Place) for herVisual Arts Entry (Secondary) Gigi’s work will move on to the next level and it is quite an honor!

We will hold a virtual gallery celebrating all the Fremont students who participated in January, and please contact Ali Smith ( and she can figure out how to get your student’s work back to you safely.

Congrats to all of the winners, and thank you to every child who participated.


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