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Welcome Back Fremont VIPS!

VIPS will be allowed back in the classrooms, on a limited basis, and once we see a consistent downward trend in COVID cases. Existing and New VIPS must adhere to the following two guidelines in order to participate.

  1. Teachers and Office staff shall have a maximum of two (2) VIPS per classroom or office.

  2. Before working in a classroom or office, VIPS will be required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or provide proof of negative COVID-19 test each week. In addition, VIPS will sign an agreement stating they will adhere to all COVID related safety protocols (i.e. mask wearing, frequent hand washing, etc.) while on campus. The agreement remains filed on campus.

*Be advised VIPS will be responsible for securing their own COVID testing; they will not test at the site. In addition, sites will be responsible for reconciliation of the vaccination and COVID tests for VIPS to ensure the COVID related safety protocols are being adhered to.*

For NEW / RENEWING VIPS - Please sign-up ASAP. We are expecting a lengthy turn around in the process.

  • NEW online VIPS application click here. Once the application is cleared, the VIPS office will email the Fremont Office with names and applications of recently cleared volunteers. You can check your status with Lauren Farrell (VIPS Liason) @ Please give her 24-48 hours to respond to your inquiry.



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