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Why We Need the Arts Now More Than Ever

As students transition to learning at home, participating in arts education is clearly as vital as ever. It fosters critical thinking, improves wellbeing, and positively impacts learning across the board. Art can also be a powerful force in this time of social distancing. As we all struggle to redefine not just "community," but also ourselves, creativity can help us find a path forward.

Last week we introduced you to the amazing #CreateAtHome website from our partner Create CA, and this week we want to share some more programs, events and tools from the #CreateAtHome collection.We hope that these resources can help you and the students in your life cope with the difficulties we are all facing now, and help foster a sense of community even as we are isolated in our own homes. BUILDING COMMUNITY THROUGH THE ART - Visual art lends us the eyes of others, exposes us to new cultures, and builds bonds between people. Take a look at these unique courses and projects that allow you to explore different communities, movements and themes that show us our common humanity.

  • The Global Oneness Project: Available in both Spanish and English, these short films explore universal themes like love, overcoming adversity, and humanity.

  • Khan Academy's Imagineering Course: Do you love theme parks? Build a virtual theme park of your own through videos and activities, while learning from Disney's own Imagineers about character, rides, and more.

  • Expand your horizons with an art course: Learn about different artists, cultures, art movements, and more with Los Angeles County Museum of Art's online courses. LACMA is currently offering a course on Chinese art for anyone, as well as multiple courses designed specifically for educators.

HOW THE ARTS CAN HELP US GET THROUGH IT: The isolation many of us feel is REAL. These resources offer "virtual" social experiences to lessen the loneliness, or allow you to feel heard by letting you make art with a meaningful message.

  • The Social Distancing Festival: Celebrate art as part of a global community. Every day, the Social Distancing Festival gathers art exhibits, musical and theatrical performances, and so much more from some of the most exciting artists working.

  • Amplifier's Global Open Call for Art: Make art with a message! Submit work you've done that messages public health and safety in response to COVID-19, or stands as a symbol to promote mental health and wellbeing. (You can also sign up to receive free socially-engaged artwork and digital learning tools by grade level.)

  • TeachRock's Celebrating Community with Art Lesson: Meant for 3rd-6th graders, this lesson from TeachRock celebrates and defines community. As students feel isolated from their friends and schools, defining and creating ties to community is more important than ever.

You can find additional creative distance-learning resources on California State PTA's COVID-19 Resources for Parents and Families page. To join the Create CA movement to bring more arts education to public schools, click here. BRINGING CREATIVITY HOME!


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