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Congratulations to Fremont's 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year

Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Durazzo!

The winning essay was written by 4th grade scholar, Rohan Soin. Thank you to everyone who participated! Many heartfelt essays were submitted by both parents and students (even in the midst of a pandemic), proving once again what a great faculty and staff we have at Fremont. We are so lucky!!

The winning essay was written by 4th grade scholar, Rohan Soin. Read the essay in its entirety HERE.

A few words from Mrs. Durazzo:

Wow! Thank you very much for this tremendous honor. I know that it probably sounds cliche', but I truly believe it takes a village to do anything well, and I am extremely humbled to be a part of this fabulous Fremont family. I cannot thank the wonderful Room 12 parents enough for being their child's partner in the pursuit of knowledge and for valuing education. I feel privileged to have the constant financial, physical, and emotional support of our fantastic PTA. I feel honored to work with the finest teachers LBUSD has to offer, my amazing colleagues who are willing to share good ideas, collaborate, and brainstorm for the benefit of all kids. I feel lucky to work with such caring recreation aids, administrators, and support staff at Fremont who go the extra mile to develop lasting relationships with each student. Most importantly, I feel truly blessed to work with a group of children I can confidently call scholars. Their daily drive to be their best intrinsically shines from within. Their willingness to FAIL (First Attempt In Learning) without fear and ability to learn from their mistakes is something the whole world could look toward for models. They demonstrate kindness, resilience, flexibility, and courage each and every day. They make me so proud! ❤️ Mrs. Durazzo


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