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The Virtual Classroom

Fremont Falcons, their families and support networks, and our teachers and staff have diligently worked together to address the challenges of distance learning in 2020. As we embrace its benefits, resolve existing issues, and work to continually improve the experience, the PTA hopes to be another outlet for communication and support.

We encourage you to join the "All In" year long school attendance campaign. Whether at home or at school, attendance counts.

For questions or concerns related to technology or resources, contact the school at 562-439-6873.

CANVAS PARENT All of our students should be connected to a Parent or Guardian as an observer on Canvas. As an observer, you will be able to monitor their progress and connect with their teachers. Fremont will be transitioning all communications to Canvas accounts some time this Fall. Pair With Student

CANVAS STUDENT Students access their Canvas account through the student tab at, or the iOS and Android apps. To better help children navigate their virtual classroom, the Canvas Community site includes detailed Student Guides as well as Guides by Apps. Student Login


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